Foyle - Ethnic Minorities

All points in the Racial Equality Strategy 2015-2025 should be implemented
Ethnic Monitoring should be implemented
The Race Relations Order 1997 should be updated
A Refugee Integration Strategy should be implemented
There should be greater education in schools on race and minority issues including Black History Month in both primary & secondary schools
CTA rules should be changed to extend rights and privileges to non-CTA residents with rights to work, study and live in the island of Ireland
Stormont should appoint an Independent Advisor on Racial Equality to provide expertise, insight & advice to the Executive on achieving progress
A Regional Roma Integration Strategy should be developed to address the inequality of the community in four key areas: Housing, Education, Employment & Healthcare
The cultural rights of the Irish Traveller Community to live their traditional lifestyle should be recognised and appropriate sites for Traveller accomodation with sufficient access to essential utilities should be provided
The Immigration Health Surcharge should be ended