Belfast West - Climate

Environmentally damaging processes such as fracking and toxic mineral extraction methods should be ceased
Modern developments to our utility & transport infrastructure are required to aid with the transition towards a circular economy
There should be a crackdown on environmentally harmful acts & legislation around this should be strengthened
Northern Ireland should have an independent Environmental Protection Agency to provide oversight & regulation across both the private and public sector
The switch away from fossil fuels should be incentivised
We should aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2035 through a gradual switch to sustainable materials, services and energy generation methods while utilising carbon capture & recycle methods
The Rights of Nature should be passed in legislation
Petroleum licensing should be banned
The 1960s petroleum legislation must be updated to reflect modern climate science
The Assembly must pass the Climate Change Bill, as proposed by Clare Bailey
There should be a firewall between policy makers and the mining and fossil fuels industries respectively
The Department for the Economy should release the Hatch Report, commissioned from Hatch Generis on the economic feasability of natural gas extraction in Northern Ireland
  • Net zero by 2035 as it’s currently proposed will decimate our farms. The climate change bill should be changed to protect household expenses and instead focus on large businesses offsetting their carbon and new builds being carbon neutral instead
  • Explotation of natural resources and capitalist overproduction are two of the major causes of environmental crisis