Belfast West - A Shared Future

We should champion integrated education in Northern Ireland.
We should celebrate mixed communities and invest in expanding inclusive public spaces.
We should have commissions in place to discuss & solve contentious issues in Northern Ireland such as: parading, flags, the past, etc.
There should be no paramilitary flags, symbolism or "territory" marking in Northern Ireland.
The killing of innocent people is always wrong regardless of the background of the perpetrator and we should not seek to hero worship them.
  • I believe we should champion integrated education and state and Catholic maintained schools equally
  • I have selected the somewhat disagree for commissions on solving issues, we already have a parades commission here that effectively is working, they've powers to place restrictions on bands that go against holding the peace here in the North Brian Kennaway who served on parades commission from 2011 to 2013 stated on a Slugger OTolle article that if "Our politicians availed themselves of the work of the Parades Commission...did not use inflammatory language about its decisions, seek to pander to their own sectional interest, there may be a real possibility of resolving these societal issues." It's our job to elect people who will make our country resolve these issues by working together in a collective to deal with those issues. As for my somewhat agree, the killing of any person or persons is and always has been wrong, full stop. We should not seek to hero worship them, and in my eyes I don't see it as hero worship but more paying respect to those who fought for a future, one in which we are living today, unfortunately we can not control who people look up to, History books are written in the blood of innocent souls all over the world and to each person especially on this island we see that from different perspectives that "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" Those that grew up during a time of the troubles hold onto the turmoil and angst they lived through daily who are we to take that away from them. Each community has a right to express their historical and influential figures, whether that be unveiling a new name for a street, a plaque or a mural.