Belfast North - Mental Health

Mental Health Services should be restructured
Mental Health Services require additional funding
The Suicide Prevention Strategy needs to be fully delivered
There should be fully funded treatment & research of psilocybin-assisted therapy for mental disorders such as treatment-resistant depression & major depressive disorder
There should be fully funded mental health wellbeing centres as an alternative to psychiatric wards
All workplaces must have Mental Health First Aiders
Greater education is required about mental health issues in schools, further education environments and workplaces
  • I like the concept of having mental health first aiders in the workplace but I don't think it's feasible in all workplace settings. I think information on display signposting employees to reliable services however would be ideal.
  • I think there is a need for further research on the administration and benefits of psilocybin-assisted therapies. There is no doubt however that not just mental health services but the causes of mental ill health need to be address strategically.